Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Tuttle & Bailey?
Tuttle & Bailey was acquired by Air System Components on January 6, 2000. Air System Components is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Distribution Technologies Inc.

Where is Tuttle & Bailey located?
Tuttle & Bailey relocated its offices to Richardson, Texas, after the acquisition by Air System Components. If you want to contact us, click here.

Where are Tuttle & Bailey products made?
Tuttle & Bailey products are made in the following locations: El Paso (TX), Geneva (AL), Huntsville (AL), Ponca City (OK), Tarboro (NC), and Tucson (AZ).

What is the future of Tuttle & Bailey
Tuttle & Bailey has a long tradition dating back over 155 years (see History). It has survived because of its innovative products and people. Its representative force is highly knowledgeable and hand picked for their skills and experience. Tuttle & Bailey's engineering team focuses on existing product improvement as well as new product development to compete in tomorrow's market. The Tuttle & Bailey sales force strives to increase Tuttle & Bailey's market share through competitive pricing and marketing through its representative force. The Tuttle & Bailey Team is dedicated to building on the successes of the past and making the goals of today, the successes of tomorrow.

Who is my local Tuttle & Bailey representative?
For a map showing Tuttle & Bailey representatives, click here.

For inquiries into being a Tuttle & Bailey representative in an open territory, please e-mail your request to: