Industry-leading Solution with Unmatched Efficiency

Designed with perforated face consisting of 3/16” holes on 1/4” staggered centers, these grilles perform proficiently on transfer, return and exhaust systems. They fit flush with the ceiling and easily blend in with the room décor.

  • Optional opposed blade damper (SOBD – steel, AOBD – aluminum) is factory mounted and screwdriver operated from face of grille
  • Perforated face with up to 51% free area for handling medium size air volumes
  • Overlap margin is 1-1/4" wide

  • Frame options available for lay-in T-bar (LT) and surface mount (SF)
  • Comes in a durable steel construction that offers an attractive appearance
  • The electrocoat finish is baked at 315°F for 30 minutes with a pencil hardness of HB to H