Sectional Diffuser Panels with a Seamless Border Effect

These diffusers uniformly discharge air to the surfaces on which they are mounted, ensuring rapid mixing and uniform temperature. These panels have a unique interlocking feature that assures perfect aesthetic alignment.

  • Allow efficient rapid mixing
  • Have outstanding throw characteristics
  • Help subdue noise characteristics

  • Equipped with matching extruded aluminum plaster frames
  • Ensures that the temperature is equalized in a short amount of time
  • Diffusers are available in White (WH) paint finish or Satin Anodized (SA)

  • Decreases the inlet pressure loss
  • Guarantees complete temperature equalization
  • Extruded aluminum fixed louvers provide 1 or 2-way discharge patterns

  • The cores are easily removable from the lay-in T-Bar frame
  • Frames have slots to accept the coil mounting springs installed on the diffuser
  • Have excellent throw characteristics