Quality Performance With Aesthetic Appeal

The core of these stepdown diffusers have an optional adjustment without the need for tools. An anti-smudge design helps maintain the appearance and aesthetic appeal, by preventing the appearance of stains caused by minute contaminants.

  • Five different margin styles for you to choose from
  • It has a non-removable core which is welded into place
  • A1300 diffusers meet MRI application requirements

  • The diffuser features earthquake tabs standard on all backpans
  • Available in five different margin styles
  • The standard finish is White (WH)

  • The diffuser has a non-removable core that is welded into place
  • The product has an optional round damper that is adjustable through a removable plug-in center cone
  • The product features an anti-smudge design

  • The product features steel construction
  • The product has earthquake tabs standard on all backpans
  • Features an anti-smudge design