AV54R Discus Series Air Foil Round Supply Grilles

Specialty Products

For applications that require two sets of individually adjustable blades and minimal pressure loss at higher airflows, AV54R is an ideal fit. The grilles are capable of blade deflections between 0-degree and 45-degree perpendicular and parallel to the mounting surface.

  • Easily blends in with any architectural style because of its understated appearance
  • Designed to accommodate any type of room layout or changing job conditions
  • Blades can be adjusted to allow the air spread to be left or right and up or down for maximum versatility
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Product Application

Model AV54R is a versatile solution to your ventilation systems. It is enhanced with blade deflections between 0-degree and 45-degree, perpendicular and parallel to the mounting surface. The flexibility offered by this round supply grille allows it to perform efficiently in various types of room layouts. Its airfoil profile maximizes its performance by allowing it to accommodate large airflows with minimal pressure loss. The wide-rolled margin design has a greater aesthetic appeal, which makes this model an ideal choice for interior applications.
Product Application


  • Extruded 1” blades on 15/16” centers hold position under typical conditions of pressure and velocity
  • Duct mounting ring, that facilitates easy installation, is furnished with screws
  • The finish shall be either Mill (ML) or White (WH)
  • Rolled margin that is 1-7/32” to 2-3/8” wide (depending on size) blends in to walls and ceilings
  • Accessories include round butterfly damper (RBD), round opposed blade damper (ROD), round mounted radial blade damper (RRD) and equalizing grid (TF)


Versatile Design
Versatile Design

A wide-rolled margin ensures that the grille blends in with the interior decor of the facility.

Airflow Stability
Airflow Stability

Margin relief makes the air supply along the margin consistent and offers you the desired pattern.