Effective Air Solution with Minimal Installation

These diffusers are constructed to fit into exposed ducts, on ceilings or walls with minimal installation. Built with non-corrosive and durable materials like aluminum, they provide excellent air distribution where conventional grilles are unusable.

  • Available in a panel mounted version that allows for more air to be delivered when required
  • Corrosion and moisture damage are kept at bay with the use of non-corrosive materials for construction
  • Damper is held in place internally with sufficient tension for quiet functioning under normal operating conditions

  • Constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum with a clear anodized finish which gives the surface non-reflective and anti-glare properties
  • Can be adjusted in both planes to ensure precise air delivery with minimal losses
  • Available in a panel mounted version that lets more air to be delivered as per the requirement

  • Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel to prevent rust and staining of adjoining mounting surfaces
  • Can be easily mounted to various locations like walls, ceilings and exposed duct and requires few visible fasteners
  • Provides air where conventional grilles and registers may not be practical or possible

  • With internal gasketing the setting is retained under normal operating conditions, saving you time and money
  • Comes with a sliding plate damper that ensures ease of balancing and precise airflow management