Enhance Your Air Distribution Systems With These Accessories

Our grids and extractors give maximum control of the airflow with minimal noise generation and turbulence. The sturdy steel construction and  gang-operated curved blades ensure greater quality and superior performance.

  • Blades are individually adjustable and come in 2 sizes: Long (6L) and short (6S)
  • Available sizes rangng from 6” to 30” in width, and 4” to 30” in height
  • Friction pivots provide a grip on the blades at desired settings

  • Offers a choice of three operator types: push-pull with locking screw, 3/8” square rotating shaft, and hex key-operated screw
  • Well-supported by gang-operated curved blades
  • Constructed using high-quality steel and available in a White (WH) finish

  • Extruded aluminum blades are easily adjustable
  • Friction pivots are available as accessories
  • Available in a White (WH) standard finish