PP Face Mounted Deflectors, Steel

Perforated Diffusers

Experience maximum versatility with the PP series perforated diffusers that can be adjusted in different horizontal air diffusion patterns to meet a multitude of room requirements. Both square and round necks are available so that no transitions are required for these diffusers.

  • Deflectors provide adjustments in 4, 3, 2 or 1-way horizontal air diffusion pattern
  • Hinged and removable face provides easy access to damper for maintenance
  • Features a heavy-gauge steel backpan for long-lasting durability
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Product Application

An occupied space with changing air pattern requirements needs a ceiling diffuser that can handle heating, cooling, and ventilation applications smoothly. This is where our model PP perforated ceiling diffuser comes into the picture. It offers high diffusion induction rates which results in effective, draft-free air distribution for various ceiling types. The grille features a removable hinged face that makes installation and maintenance easier and blends with any ceilings. It is suited for application in a range of spaces like libraries, schools, and law enforcement facilities.
Product Application


  • Removable hinged face, available in a flush or drop style, provides easy access for cleaning, maintenance, and pattern adjustment without disturbing the ceiling
  • Optional black backpan with white face and margin finish (BW) available
  • Available accessories are Round butterfly damper (RBN,RBD), Round opposed blade damper (RON,ROD), Round radial blade damper (RRN,RRD). Dampers are ordered separately and shipped loose for field installation
  • Finish in White (WH) electrocoat finish will be in an anodic acrylic paint, baked at 315°F for 30 minutes with a pencil hardness of HB to H
  • Steel construction is standard. Steel backpan with aluminum face is optional
  • Perforated face has 3/16” holes on 1/4” staggered centers
  • Published performance data tested in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 70-1991 at isothermal conditions will be provided


Guaranteed Flexibility
Guaranteed Flexibility

The hinged perforated face is removable and allows maximum pattern adjustment without disturbing the ceiling.


Comes in an all-steel construction with a heavy-gauge steel backpan that guarantees your equipment will be durable.