A20 Horizontal Blades

Grilles & Registers

The individually adjustable curved blades of the A20 provide a 1, 2, 3 or 4-way ceiling air pattern and can be adjusted to provide a full or partial downblow or be configured to provide a horizontal discharge pattern.

  • Product available in 2" increments only
  • Minimal margin-overlap of 1-1/4" provides a streamlined appearance
  • Equipped with countersunk screw holes and mounting screws to help the product blend into the surroundings
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Product Application

Perfect for ceiling applications, our A20 grilles feature adjustable curved blades that deflect air path while maintaining an excellent area capacity. These grilles offer versatility in pattern adjustment for optimum comfort and provide durability due to its rugged construction. If you are looking for a high-performing grille, then A20 is the best choice for you.
Product Application


  • Available sizes are 6”x4” to 36”x36” for 1-way, and 6”x6” to 36”x36” for 2, 3 and 4-way grilles
  • Optional opposed blade damper (SOBD – steel, AOBD – aluminum) is factory mounted and screwdriver operated from face of grille. It is available in Mill (ML) finish
  • Comes in a White (WH) electrocoat finish in an anodic acrylic paint, baked at 315°F for 30 minutes with a pencil hardness of HB to H
  • Optional multi-shutter volume damper (MSDM) is operable from face and painted to match unit
  • Optional aluminum mounting frame (A45) available for use in plaster applications


Highly Adjustable
Highly Adjustable

In the full downblow position, the effective area can be increased to 75% from 35% in the horizontal position.

Resilient Finish
Resilient Finish

Comes in an electrocoat finish that adds shine and provides an additional layer of protection against rusting.