Young Living Headquarters

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Partner: Applied Product Solutions

Product: 6000, SDA50

The Young Living’s Global Headquarters located in Lehi, Utah is a LEED and Green Globe certified project. The architect’s unique design includes a three-story waterfall, museum and science labs open to the public to learn and watch the distillation of essential oils. Project included our linear slot products 6000 and spiral duct supply grilles throughout the building. With different features and a choice of five slot widths, the clients were able to customize our 6000 Series Slot Diffusers to fit their specific requirements. On the other hand, our SDA50 single deflection supply grilles are available with either radius endcaps (R) or universal endcaps (U) that allow them to be directly mounted on to spiral ducts without the need for transitions. This not only reduced the installation cost but also, the low-profile appearance of the grilles helped blending in with the environment of this project.