Our Story

About Tuttle & Bailey®

Over a hundred years ago, Tuttle & Bailey opened its doors on a bustling street in Brooklyn, NY. It wasn’t long before business took off and the iconic cast iron grilles were a household name. Soon after opening, Tuttle & Bailey outgrew the factory warehouse in Brooklyn, NY and moved to New Haven, CT. The business changed ownership several years later and was then moved to Holland, MI. At long last, Tuttle & Bailey had a place to call home in a Dallas suburb, Richardson, TX.

Today, Tuttle & Bailey boasts one of the most complete lines in the air distribution industry. We ship around the world to countries like Columbia and Iran. Our product can be found in the highest of the high sky scrapers in places like Los Angeles, and humble mom and pops in the heart of South Beach, Miami, Florida.

Our Rich Heritage

Steeped in its rich history and tradition, today Tuttle & Bailey® is a leading manufacturer of commercial grilles & registers.

Tuttle & Bailey® is universally known as The First Name in Air Distribution and it has maintained its viability by committing to core values, which include being:

  • Customer Focused
  • Continuing Innovation
  • Pursuit of Excellence

The Tuttle & Bailey, Values

Our Customers

Achieving excellence in customer satisfaction is the main focus of our business.


We will strive for continuous improvement in quality and excellence in everything we do.

Our People

We will invest in the development of our employees' knowledge and skills in order to improve their sense of self-fulfillment and performance.


We believe our people are the most valuable resource in our business and that each individual should be treated with dignity and respect

Employee Involvement

We believe all employees have a contribution to make, both as individuals and as functioning team members.


We believe that in using a participative approach, leaders must be prepared to serve, enabling others to meet their goals and encouraging them to achieve their potential in our pursuit of excellence.

Safety and Health

It is our obligation to provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Safety goals will not be subordinated to sales, production, quality, profits, or employee earnings.


We believe in practicing ethical and moral conduct at all times and in all relationships. Honesty and integrity will be the standards of performance expected of all our employees in the conduct of our business.


We will manage our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


We will seek to provide a satisfactory return on capital invested, to achieve consistently profitable growth, and to ensure a secure future for our stakeholders.